how to embed a youtube video into canvas

To embed a YouTube video into Canvas, the first step would be to locate the desired video in YouTube. Once you have found it, locate the Share option beneath the video and click on the Embed option. Then highlight and copy the provided code and open a content area in Canvas. Within the content area, select the HTML Editor, paste the code into the body, and click Update. Your video will now be embedded into Canvas!

1. Log in to your Canvas account.
2. Select the course where you want to embed a YouTube video.
3. Choose Pages from the left side navigation bar.
4. Select the page you wish to add a YouTube video to or create a new page.
5. Select the Embed Code icon in the toolbar above the page.
6. Copy and paste the YouTube URL you wish to embed into the given space.
7. Select the Embed Code button to the right of the URL box.
8. (Optional) In the Size menu, select “Responsive” if you would like to automatically adjust the size of the video to fit the space allotted.
9. Select Save Page or Save as Draft (depending on if you have finished editing the post).
10. Preview the page to make sure that the YouTube video was embedded correctly!

You can embed YouTube videos in Canvas by using the ‘Rich Content Editor’. First, locate the item or discussion you would like to add the video to. Click the ‘HTML Editor’ icon and this will open the Rich Content Editor. Next, look for the YouTube icon in the toolbar of the Rich Content Editor and click it. This will open a box where you can paste the link to the YouTube video. Click Submit and the video will be embedded into the item or discussion.

When embedding a YouTube video into Canvas, be sure to pay attention to the type of video and whether it can be uploaded for copyright reasons. Additionally, make sure to check that it is compatible with Canvas’s formatting on the video page. Be sure to always verify the source of the video and confirm that it is allowed to be embedded in Canvas by the copyright holder. Lastly, make sure that the user embedding the video knows and follows Canvas’ copyright guidelines.

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